Removing scroll in chart properties dialog box

One of the annoying things for developers in QlikView version 11 and 11.2 is scroll in chart properties dialog box. When you want to change the properties after the tabs (Layout, Dimensions), you need to click on scroll buttons.

So in order to remove the scroll follow the below steps.

1.       When using the English version: make a backup of QvResx64_English.dll (located in C:\Program Files\QlikView)

2.        When using another language: make a backup of the DLL for your language (for example QvResx64_German.dll)

3.        Download, install and launch Resource Hacker (available from This is to edit the .dll file.

4.        Open the backup of QvResx64_English.dll in Resource Hacker

5.        Navigate to Dialog -> 498 -> 1033, this should be the Dimension Limits dialog

6.        On the first line change ‘498 DIALOGEX 0, 0, 403, 233′ to ‘498 DIALOGEX 0, 0, 500, 233′

7.       Click the Compile Script button

8.        Save the DLL and place it over the original file in C:\Program Files\QlikView (keep a backup of the original file)

By: Sivaraj  Seeman

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