Lease Qlikview Desktop License key

Qlikview personal edition is available in Qlikview website which is free to download. Using personal edition, we can create our own dashboard and do analysis. We can open a different file which is created in another personal edition, but we cannot open a licensed qvw file in the personal edition.

We have an option to lease the license in qlikview. Below are the condition on we can lease a license,

·         A leased license will expire if has not been updated for 30 days.

·         Updating a leased license is done automatically in background, provided that QlikView can connect to QlikView Production Server.

·         It can also be done manually by opening a file on the server.

Step 1: Start qlikview desktop

Step 2: Open file then ‘Open in Server’

Step 3: Enter your production server URL starting with QVP. It will also work with http but require manual login.

Step 4: Select a document and click open.

Step 5: Close the document. Qlikview‘s Start Page will now display license lease information.

By: Sivaraj Seeman

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