Undeployment of composite using WLST

Connect to wlst like below

orcl@host:/product/fmw/Oracle_SOA/common/bin$ ./wlst.sh


wls:/offline> connect(‘username’,’password’,’t3://host:7001′)

Connecting to t3://host:7001 with userid username …

Successfully connected to Admin Server ‘AdminServer’ that belongs to domain ‘domain’.





wls:/domain/serverConfig> sca_undeployComposite(‘http://host:8001′,’composite_name’,’revision’)

serverURL = http://host:8001

user = None

partition = default

compositeName = composite_name

revision = x.x

timeout= -1

compositeDN = default/composite_name!x.x

INFO: Creating HTTP connection to host:host, port:8001

Enter username and password for realm ‘default’ on host localhost:8001

Authentication Scheme: Basic

Username: username


INFO: Received HTTP response from the server, response code=200

—->Undeploying composite (default/composite_name!x.x) success.


Syntax —  sca_undeployComposite(serverURL, compositeName, revision, [user], [password], [partition])

By: Charanraj Keerthipati

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