MQ Disturbted point to point setup

1)MQ point to point setup

2)Procedure of passing messages for SourceĀ  QMGR to Destination

Creating the QMGR EAA1

Starting the QMGR EAA1

Entering to QMGR EAA1

Creating the Remote Queue

Creating a Local Queue

Checking the Queue Status

Creating Sender Channel

Start the channel which you have created

Check the sender channel status

Here the Channel is in retrying state because we have not created the receiver channel yet so we need to create the receiver channel and start the listener after that it will be in running

Come out of QMGR EAA1

Create the QMGR EAA2 and start the QMGR

Create the Receiver channel

Create the listener

Please make sure while you are trying in different hosts mention Different IP names and Different ports

Start the Listener and Check the Listener status

Create a local queue and check the Queue status

Here in the local queue, the Current depth is 0..

Come out of QMGR EAA2

Enter into QMGR EAA1 to check the channel status is Running

If Status Running only Source and Destination queue managers are connected.

If it is in retrying state there is some issue with port OR channels not configured properly make sure it’s running

Here is Command which is used to check errors MQRC Codename

DSPMQ is used to check the QMGRS running

So here I am inserting the messages in remote queue EAA1.RQ which we can see it EAA2.LQ

Because I created the point to point setup

Here we can see the current depth as 11 because I inserted 11 messages.

After that, I am retrieving those messages from the Local queue

So here is can see current depth as 0 after retrieving the messages.

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