Is QlikSense a new version of Qlikview?

QlikSense is not a new release of Qlikview rather it is a different product. These two products are two different user interfaces to the same analysis engine.

The two products both have the same Green-White-Gray logic, both use the same calculation engine, both have roughly the same response times and we should use the same considerations for both when comes to data modeling.

Qlikview – applications created by developers who put lot of logic into the data model design, layout, charts and formulas and deliver to the end users. This is called as Guided Analytics. The end user can explore the data, export, drill down and navigate the information, and this way the discover questions and answers in the data. However the end user is limited when it comes to creating new visualizations.

QlikSense – Is a tool for situations where you don’t want to pre-can so much. Instead you want the user to have freedom to create a layout of his own, new visualizations. This is called Self-service data discovery. QlikSense is much easier to use when you have a touch screen, and is adaptive to different screen sizes and form factors.

One of the main goals for QlikSense was to have one unified client that could run on anything  (=html5). Another goal was to generalize the chart drawing code, so that more graph types could be implemented (=extensions). A third goal was that the client needed to be adaptable to screen sizes and form factors.


These three goals meant total incompatibility with the existing C++ client.


Here are the features and functions of Qlikview have not yet been implemented in QlikSense.

·         Variables are not exposed in the UI  (But they exist in the back-end)

·         Alternate states are not exposed in the UI

·         Always one selected value


One the Whole, QlikSense is a modern tool useful for the users who does the discovery on their own.

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