Success or Failure of Session Task

When we have multiple sessions inside a workflow, then there can be a scenario where one or more session fails. In that condition, what would be the status of the workflow because we are having a workflow in which few tasks have failed, and few tasks success!

Go toàSession (edit) àCheck the “Fail parent if the task fails”

When we execute this workflow after making the above changes if any of the tasks fails the workflow status will be made as failed. So we can identify that during the execution of our workflow some of its task has failed. It’s helpful when we schedule the workflow with third party schedulers like CtrlM and Tidal etc.

Session Log File Name & Session Log File directory

Each Session log information stored in the default directory and file name

If we want the change the file format we need to check the “backward compatible session” property and save the changes.

We can see the file location and format changes after task execution


We can also define target table pre-SQL and post SQL. Pre SQL is the SQL code which will be executed before performing insert in the target table, and post SQL code will be executed after the load of target table is completed.

Sometimes we need to drop and re-create the indexes in the target table for query optimization and performance purpose, by using designer we can achieve this.

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