Update/insert records without using update strategy Transformation

When we configure an Informatica Power Center session, we have several options for handling database operations such as insert, update, and delete, by using these properties we can update records without using any transformations.

I just created one sample mapping, without using any transformations

We have source and target with same data

I just update few records at source level

UPDATE Categories SET CategoryName=’Cooldrinks’ WHERE CategoryID IN (3,6);

Implementation of session properties:

Let’s set up the session properties such that the session will have the capability of both insert and update.

We have options like

  1. Insert: – Treat all rows as inserts.
  2. Delete: – Treat all rows as deleted.
  3. Update: – Treat all rows as updates.
  4. Data Driven :- Integration Service follows instructions coded into Update Strategy flag rows for insert, delete, update, or reject

We need to set up target level properties like the below figure, Save the changes and rerun the task

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