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Smart Enterprise Analytics

Smart Enterprise Analytics
Smart Enterprise Analytics

The top most used business intelligence functions have been artfully crafted in Smart Enterprise Analytics.

Enterprise Reporting: Traditional reporting for documenting and printing is an essential part of any business application. Smart Enterprise Analytics provides standard report studio tool on the web to design pixel perfect printable reports that export seamlessly into PDF and other formats. Saving and Publishing reports for later use, scheduled generation and emailing are basic necessities of an enterprise reporting solution.

OLAP: Comprehensive and consolidated, but dynamic view of data, with changing dimensions and drilling capabilities are essential for enterprises that have large and chronicle data. Apart from standard actions, Smart Enterprise Analytics gives value comparisons across hierarchies and the saving of the unique point of interest for quick check and embedding.

Advanced Visualization: Smart Enterprise Analytics I-HTML format reports take visualization to new levels by providing future proof interfaces for newer visualization technologies and tools. Out of the box, it provides DHTML flash and flexes visualization tools for data and charts.

Dashboards: Decision makers need dashboards of various business metrics and parameters to constantly track business operations and performance. Smart Enterprise Analytics gives one of the simplest and easiest ways for end users to draw their dashboards in minutes.

Business meta layer: Enterprises have multiple and varied data sources from relational databases to web services. Bringing them to one platform for end users to draw their ad hoc reports and dashboards is a necessity.

Ad hoc Reporting: Spending IT time for designing reports is costly in terms of time and resources. Decision makers cannot afford waiting for the considerable time spent on design. Every decision maker should be able to pull his own desired data and do analysis as per needs.

Big Data Analytics: Organizations are seeking ways to derive critical business insights from huge Proliferation of data. Smart Enterprise Analytics helps organizations perform real time analytics on Big Data to help them innovate, compete, and capture greater value than before.

Security & Compliance: In multi-tenant applications data security and access control across tenants and departments is crucial. The approval work flow based publishing systems also facilitates a controlled data flow.

Distribution and Delivery: On demand reporting, embedding into frequented pages, collaboration sites and automated B2B submission of data are business needs. Distribution on mails, FTP and shared locations.

Office Integration: Enterprise users need to extract data into office documents either exported from reporting systems or using a plug-in that extract data from enterprise data storage.