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Configure End-User functions using ERP Gadget

Configure End-User functions using ERP Gadget
Configure End-User functions using ERP Gadget

SmartERP´s patented innovation, ERP Gadget™, easily enriches your PeopleSoft Applications with incredible enhanced functionality.  ERP Gadget allows you to readily add common, critical and comprehensive functionality consistently across the PeopleSoft Enterprise. You can easily transform your PeopleSoft Applications to include rich enhancements to extend functionality as well as increase usability and user productivity.

ERP Gadget is a configurable collection of high productivity end-user functions, that can be easily and consistently deployed anywhere on any PeopleSoft page.  It consolidates commonly required features users need during their transactional processing, into a convenient toolbar that can easily be deployed anywhere while avoiding customizations to the standard PeopleSoft objects.

You can easily configure ERP Gadget to include common functionality and processing that your users require every day.  Designed to enhance the user experience of every transaction, as well as increase the productivity of your users, ERP Gadget´s biggest advantage is that it can be configured to meet your business requirements while avoiding customizations to the standard PeopleSoft objects.

Some of the most notable features of ERP Gadget include: 

  • Highly configurable for your organization; include only those actions you want; design your own icons
  • Works on any standard PeopleSoft page; or include it on your customized pages; or on a Smart Docs page
  • Save, Save-as-Draft, Save-as-Template
  • Copy, Copy-From-a-Draft, Copy-From-a-Template
  • Configurable Print, Print-as-XML for unique reporting requirements
  • Include Attachments at the header or at the line levels for transactions
  • Collaborate in the context of a transaction in a message board fashion
  • Lifecycle Viewer: graphical status of your transaction within the Business Process
  • Extend Data: Easily include non-standard information at the header or line
  • Workflow: automated cross-module Workflow approvals anywhere        
  • Settings: Maintain your Drafts and Templates for personalized configurations        
  • Help: Tailor your help to meet your specific business processes or user requirements