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Electronic Personnel Action Request

Electronic Personnel Action Request
Electronic Personnel Action Request

The Personnel Action Request (PAR) is a data entry form used for HR activities and actions. The activities require formal approval and include hiring a new employee, separation, leave of absence or changes in a current employee's pay, position, status, personnel or work related information. Typically Personnel Action Requests are entered manually using various printed forms (also known as a Personnel Action Form). The printed form is then physically routed to various individuals in different departments for signature and approval; and then finally the data is manually entered into PeopleSoft by an HR administrator. The process is manually intensive, sequential in nature, prone to error and delays, and ultimately costly due to lost productivity. There is not a standard process that encumbers the entire business process. PAR processes have numerous steps, can range from simple to complex, require considerable definition and business rules, and are often very specific to an organization. So what do you do when the standard manual PeopleSoft HR processes do not specifically meet your needs? Turn to Smart PAR™.

Smart PAR improves the entire process by totally automating and simplifying the activities required for completing and approving Personnel Action Requests and Forms.  The solution delivers paperless processing of personnel actions, and enables users to process personnel actions rapidly, with electronic approvals, providing a complete audit trail enhancing visibility, accountability and timeliness.

Simplified Data Entry:
Smart PAR provides simplified data entry pages, that ensure better accuracy through validation, and a one-time data input that updates the PeopleSoft system after approvals have been completed.   Paper forms are eliminated, as transactions are created and completed through automated online processing.  This leverages the existing PeopleSoft data security along with role-based Electronic Personnel Action Request security.

Automated Approval Routing:

Approval Routing for Electronic Personnel Action Requests occur online with automated email notifications that follow the business rules of the organization.  The Approval Routing is configurable and flexible, allowing for exceptions in business practices and the inclusion of ad-hoc approvers or reviewers, as needed.   Date/Time stamps are visible and the current status of the transaction is available at each step of the approval process.

 Personnel Action Categories:

Category Category Description Examples
Change Data Change-related personnel actions against an existing employee. Demotion, Pay Rate Change, Promotion, Transfer within Agency, Data Changes (status, position, funding, etc.) including retroactive updates
Discipline Discipline-related personnel actions against an existing employee. Suspension, Reinstatement, Data Changes (working suspension, penalty, etc.)
Hire The hiring of a new employee or the rehire of an existing employee. Hire and Rehire
Leave Leave-related personnel actions against an existing employee. Leave of Absence, Seasonal Leaves, Return from Leave, Return from Seasonal Leave, Data Changes
Terminate Termination-related personnel actions against an existing employee. Retirement, Resignation, Terminated with Pay
Transfer The transfer of an existing employee between Agencies. Transfers between entities within an organization such as between agencies or departments


    • Client specific Data Validation Policies can be configured.
    • Capability of breaking apart funding string entry into segments.
    • Advanced workflow configuration options.
    • Chaining forms as part of a business process.
    • Ability to apply “Display templates”.
    • Auditing Policies to ensure that specific auditing requirements are enforced.
    • Policy based system updates can be configured.
    • Business process management of forms.
    • Leverage PeopleSoft security model.
    • Tightly integrated with the standard PeopleSoft data model.
    • Built-In Dashboards and Reports are provided.


    • Eliminates costly pre-printed forms.
    • Simplified and Streamlined Personnel Action Processes.
    • Seamless Integration to your HR functionality.
    • Enhanced and Simplified Contemporary User Interfaces.
    • Robust Business Process Management Including Managing Step-by-Step Processing.
    • Electronic Workflow Approval: Configurable, Rules-Based, Automatic Routing and Electronic Record Retention and Audit Trail.
    • E-Verify Integration.
    • Eliminates redundant data entry and thousands of paper forms.
    • Deliver documents electronically to reduce postage and handling costs.
    • Streamline document and process approvals.
    • Improve the physical security over critical business documents.
    • Improve disaster recovery readiness for critical business documents.
    •        Comply with regulatory, legal, & fiscal initiatives.